Slab system

We offer an easy-to-use and affordable slab system for balconies, drop beams and other horizontal elements on construction site. The system ensures fast and safe construction works. Props are compliant with European norms at any high. Due to its durability, Hbeams are an excellent alternative for the items offered by competing formwork suppliers. Accessories like tripods and heads are integral parts of complementary elements offered with formwork slab. In addition we can offer European plywood production. The technical project can be prepared by us and adapted to your needs (Autocad, Winschal, Sketchup). It can be also completed with technical calculations. We also offer trainings on site.


  • Side walls made of plywood (birch wood) - 27mm
  • Top and botton made of softwood – (fir, spruce)
  • The strength of the beam L=1.9 m I H=200mm - 2,545 kg (25.4 kN)
  • Available length from 1 to 6 metres
  • Packing - 100 pieces
  • Weight – 5.5 kg/1 meter
  • Durability: more than 50 cycles (assuming use in accordance with best construction practice)

Steel props 20 or 30 kN

  • Galvanized steel props
  • Inner tube protection from falling out and a step height adjustment
  • Props are compliant with DIN EN 1065
  • The scope of props’ use: 20 kN: 1,47 m – 5,50 m, 30 kN: 1,04 m- 4,00 m